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With a phenomenal 3.4 million unique users globally and 1.6 million unique users in Ireland each month, JOE really is the voice of Irish people at home and abroad.
JOE is the go-to place for viral content in Ireland and is your one-stop shop for news, music, sport, fitness and everything else important that is happening right now.
JOE is also home to some of the country’s biggest and best show offerings, including in-depth business show All In and the iTunes chart-topping movie show The Big Reviewski.
We talk with, listen to and engage with our readers daily, and with a social media army of 1.5million following every move we make the conversation never stops.
At JOE, we are proud to be a part of the daily conversations of Irish people.

Her is the lifestyle destination made for Irish women.
At Her we are career women and beauty buffs. We are political activists and reality TV addicts. We read feminist manifestos and celebrity gossip. If you’re obsessed with it, we’ve got it covered.
Her attracts an audience of 1.3 million Irish people to Her.ie each month, and has a following of 687k across our social channels. Alongside our written content, we produce original shows including YouTube’s Curated With Cassie and our flagship chat show Girls With Goals as well as must-see video content for our Instagram feed.
In 2019, Her announced its three-year sponsorship of Best Dressed on Ladies’ Day at the Galway Races, giving our audience never-before-seen access to one of the biggest events of the year.

We do sport 24 hours a day, seven days a week – because sport never sleeps.
SportsJOE is the home of The GAA Hour, The Hard Yards, SportsJOE Live and, of course, SportsJOE.ie.
Bringing 1.1 million people to the website every month, SportsJOE is also attracting over XX video views and has XX listens on The GAA Hour every seven days.
Through original content, feature pieces, breaking news stories and an exceptional team of multimedia journalists, SportsJOE is the place the party starts… And where the party will always keep going.

HerFamily.ie is the most trusted parenting website in Ireland.
From expert-led information and advice to real-life experiences, HerFamily takes its audience through their parenting journey from pregnancy to the first years at school.
Plus, there’s plenty of lifestyle and wellness content to help parents make the most of family life as well as taking the time to care for themselves.
HerFamily has 280k readers on site each month as well as 185k parents across our social platforms.
At HerFamily we’ve listened to our community of loyal and engaged followers and created a positive digital space for Irish parents – and one that doesn’t take itself too seriously either.

Our Talents

That invite that everyone wants? Chances are we’ve sent it.
JOE and Her are producers of premium large-scale and boutique live events, working with and for our commercial partners as well as under our own brand umbrellas.
From live interviews and panel discussions to craft workshops and immersive movie nights, our in-house events specialist creates experiences that are never pedestrian.
And that’s all before we get to The Great Debate – a sporting battle of the big names and even bigger opinions going down in a boxing ring!
We are a one-stop-shop for every aspect of impactful, successful events, from concept creation and execution through to promotion, guest lists and media coverage.

JOE and Her are the dominant Irish media voice on social platforms.
Working across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, we serve our audiences daily doses of engaging, shareable and frequently viral content on the platforms of their choice.
Our social channels facilitate an open and ongoing conversation with our followers, meaning we’re always up to date on what’s important to them right now. Added to this, we work with and for partner brands to translate their campaigns into content that’s truly relevant to a digitally savvy, always-on audience.
The enormity of our following speaks for itself: JOE, Her, SportsJOE and HerFamily have a combined 2.4m Facebook followers, 1.1m Twitter followers and 500k Instagram fans.

We turn vision into reality.
Our award-winning team of creatives make top-quality, engaging video and audio content.
Whether it’s at our state of-the-art studio in Dublin 8 or on location with our 4k cameras, we look after projects on every scale that are tailor-made for you.
As well as working with our commercial partners to create co-branded content that runs across our channels, we also produce independent video and audio products that is bespoke to each client.
From a small in-house corporate video to a must-listen podcast and a large-scale weekly studio show, we are market leaders in producing premium, compelling content.

No show like a JOE show? Take a look for yourself…
Recorded in video and audio at our studios at Fumbally Lane in Dublin, JOE and Her produce a stable of top-quality, unmissable shows across a wide range of topics each week.
For in-depth interviews we have Girls With Goals and Unfiltered, for movie buffs there’s The Big Reviewski, for business lovers we have All In and Architects of Business, and for lifestyle tips there’s Curated With Cassie. And, of course, we have the SportsJOE giants The GAA Hour and House of Rugby in our line-up.
Added to these flagship shows, we create reactive series centred on current events such as the general election-focused State Of Us and I’ve Got A Text: The Her Love Island Recap Show.
All of our shows are available to watch through our sites and social platforms, YouTube and on the JOE Player, and can be listened to on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

At the heart of our operation are our four market-leading sites, JOE.ie, Her.ie, SportsJOE.ie and HerFamily.ie, which inform the daily life of people right across Ireland. Together they attract 8 million users each month.
It all began with JOE, which was founded in Galway in 2010 and quickly became known for its unique take on everything from big news events to culture and sport.
In 2012 Her was established, providing a new voice for women in Ireland on lifestyle topics and the big issues that affect their lives.
In 2014, SportsJOE and HerFamily were created in response to demands from both our audience and our advertisers.
SportsJOE keeps its audience up to date on the biggest global men’s and women’s sporting events across a wide range of disciplines.
Meanwhile, HerFamily is a go-to resource for expectant mums and parents to children of all ages.

The Team

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Gillian Fitzpatrick
Chief Commercial Officer

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Gavin Byers
Commercial Director

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David Curran
Head of Client Services

Ian Howard

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Ian Howard
Planning Director



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